The ol’ crab walk works every time.

this is how you get the girl (or guy) on valentine’s day

She’s talking about you, weaboo.

Masquerading as a girl online is the only way to get guys.

Dammit, Klein.  Also, check out pre-mirror Kirito.


Found some more Yu Yu pics laying around in my HDD.  Guess who he saw that forced him to make this devilishly handsome face?

htarex asked:
What was the anime from this post /post/48860960560

Sword Art Online.  It’s a great series, definitely worth checking out.

Klein kills a mid level boss.

How cooking works in SAO.

Asuna can’t decide if she wants to sit near Kirito or not.

Here’s a TOP valentine’s day card I made, because T O P.  Use it next year.

Kirito vs The Gleam Eyes